Welcome to my website. I'm Prismona Wu De Leon, A Filipina born a web designer living in the phils.
I've been working in the web industry for almost 7 years. This is my personal portfolio.
Feel free to take a look at some of my work, I think you'll like it!



Prismona - A Filipina Web DesignerMy name is Prismona Wu De Leon. You can call me Pris, Prismona or Mona. In my work my officemates called me Pris or Prismona while my family and my closest friends called me Mona. I graduated from De La Salle University – College of Saint Benilde. I took up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Computer Applications. The course that I took up does not only covers Computer Applications but also has a business side.

I’m a half Chinese my father is a pure Chinese he is a businessman my dad businesses are Restaurant and Hotel but unfortunately my dad just passed away last 2006 of September. My mother is a plain housewife she is a Cavitena.

I just got married last January 2008. Me and my husband are in the same field of work that is creating websites. I am a Filipina Web Designer, Web Flasher, XHTML Coder or CSS Coder. I almost have a 7 years experienced in the field of creating websites. I have created different kinds of website such as Sports, Gambling, Business, Corporate or Real Estate etc.

I also love pets especially cats for me cats are loving and caring. I’m also a Sports minded person I like sports specially Volleyball. I was a part of Volleyball Varsity in my school from elementary to college. I also became a volleyball coach before but after a year I decided to pursue my career in the field of creating websites. Right now, I have no time for playing volleyball because I’m busy and volleyball requires at least 12 players in court before you could play. I choose swimming or jogging as an alternative Sports to stay fit. I really believe that a healthy mind is a healthy body. I also love taking snapshot of photos. I play around my dslr camera whenever I have the time.

I can rate myself in the field of creating website as eight, I admit that there is no such perfect thing in this world. I will never stop from learning. I’m a fighter through the toughest part of my life. I’m open to share my ideas and skills to other people. I believed in a saying that thinking positive attracts positive results. I’m open to new room of improvement. I’m a hardworking person for I always keep on working hard for me to improve much of my skills.

Feel free to browse all my work portfolios. There are some of my designs the link to the exact url will not be posted to protect my clients’ sites. As they had requested not to show the exact url.


Prismona is my favorite. She has a talent for interpreting my instructions and converting them into my exact intentions visually. She's quick to respond to emails, her work is well polished, and I recommend you hire her for your graphic and web design project.

Car Reconditioning (Portland, OR USA)

Prismona has done a number of really nice designs for me in the past few months. I've been VERY pleased with her work. The quality of work she is producing is on a totally other level as some of the other freelance designers in the field. I'm very serious when I say that she does really good quality work. She has exceeded my expectations on all of the projects I have completed with her and she definitely puts in the "extra" effort that is missing in so many designers. I'm looking forward to working with her again in the future and would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.

Brian Evans
Owner of Innovative Marketing Services

Working with Prismona was a truly great experience especially with regards to Flash animation out of the box ideas and transitions. She is creative, detailed oriented and very hardworking person that always go for an overtime just to finish her assigned tasks within the day.

Not only she is a professional HTML/Flash Developer and also a Creative Web Designer as well. I highly recommend her to any website projects and truly contribute a lot in terms creative design and html development

Joseph Ryan De Leon
Senior Web Designer

I have worked with Prismona for nearly a year and have found her to be extremely dedicated to her work. She is very creative and is always willing to go the extra mile for the Client, if we have a deadline I know Prismona will get the designs done in time and that they will be exactly what we need. We have great feedback from our customers about her work and would strongly recommend her.

Rachel Cassidy
Campaign Deliver Manager


I’ve been working in the web industry for almost 7 years. We all know that great design is important. I can take your site that has a quality and looks good. I’m capable of interpreting clients request and convert them into their exact intentions and a friendly user site too.

Below are some of my work.


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